Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam? – What You Should Know Beforehand! (2023)

Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam? – What You Should Know Beforehand! (1)

PlanNet Marketing ispromoted as an amazing way to make money on your own time, working full-time, part-time, or any time as a travel agent. But is it really as amazing as it sounds? Are you really going to be making tons of money andget the ability to travel at discounted rates all over the world? Will you really be able to “write your own paycheck” in a sense?

Or isPlanNet Marketing a scam that you should be avoiding?

Since you are here reading my review I am guessing that you are suspicious of the whole thing. You have probably been approached by a travel agent that is part ofPlanNet Marketing and have been asked to join. Things probably seem a bit fishy to you and you might even be wondering if this whole thing is a pyramid scheme.

Inthis unbiased review I’ll be going over what you definitely need to know before hand,including one very important aspect of the job that no travel agent is going to tell you when they are attempting to recruit you in.

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PlanNet Marketing Review

PlanNet Marketing is thecreation of the Don Bradley, who has years of experience in the network marketing space. Thecompany is partnered with a travel agency calledInteleTravel. Thesetwo companies combined are what make this MLM travel business work.

Theopportunity to become a travel agent and run your own home-based to travel business sounds pretty awesome. You get to work on your own time and you also get access to the discount travel rates that come with the business. Thesame travel deals that you can sell to other people, including cruises, vacations, hotels, resort stays, tours, plane tickets, car rentals, etc., you can also purchase yourself.

Sounds amazing right…? Holdoff on answering this until the end.

How It All Works

WithPlanNet Marketing there are two different ways that you can earn money and this is something that can get somewhat confusing. These two ways include:

  1. Become an InteleTravel Agent (ITA) and sell the travel deals to others
  2. Become a PlanNet Marketing Rep and sell the business opportunity to others + earn from team commissions

You seePlanNet Marketing doesn’t actually sell these travel products… It is InteleTravel that does such and because they are partnered together this can get confusing. BasicallyPlanNet Marketing it is like an MLM business structure that was placed overtop of the InteleTravelbusiness opportunity.

Youcan just be an InteleTravel Agent (ITA)and sell travel deals as well as recruit other people to become ITA’s, which will earn you commissions every time. But if you want to take it to the next level then you would want to also become aPlanNet Marketing representative which will allow you to earn commissions from your downline in a multilevel structure.

The Compensation Plan

As an ITA you will be able to receive 70-80% paid commissions from selling the travel to other people. As far as I understand you will also be able to receive $50 commissions when you recruit in other ITA’s. But as an ITA only, you willonly be able to receive these $50 commissions when you recruit someone in. Andby the way it costs $179.95 plus $39.95 per month to become an ITA.

Ifyou want to take things to the next level and become aPlanNet Marketing wrap than that is going to cost you another $19.95 per month. If you do this you will be able to earn the $50 commissions from each ITA that you recruit in, along with all of the following…

Direct Sales 50% Matching Bonus

TheDirect Sales 50% Matching Bonusesare bonuses that you are rewarded with for each sale that one of your personal recruits make. So if you recruit in Joe you earn a $50 commission for getting him to join as an ITA. If Joe then goes out and recruit someone else in, you will earn $25, which is the 50% matching bonus.

Gold Builder Bonus

If youclimbed the ranks and are able to make it to the rank of Gold Builder then you will enjoy a $10 bonus for every ITA sale that is made in your downline, as long as there are any other GoldBuilders beneath you.

These Gold Builder Bonuses are paid out to the first person ranked as Gold Builder in the up line for every ITA sale made in the downline. I hope that makes sense.… It can be a bit confusing.

Monthly Matrix

TheMonthly Matrix bonus is a four dollar bonus paid per month from the monthly membership fees that your recruits (and everyone) has to pay to stay active. This bonus is paid nine levels deep, meaning that you will earn these bonuses from the people you personally recruit in (level 1), from the people that they recruit in (level 2), from the people that those people recruit in (level 3),and so on.

If you are a Gold Builder you will also get a 10% match on this monthly bonus.

7 Ranks

As you cantell based on what I’ve talked about above, making money with this compensation plan is largely about your rank. Moving up to the rank of Gold Builder comes with a lot of perks and this is only the second rank achievable. After that there are all the director ranks which I’m not going to get into.

  • Rep
  • Gold Builder
  • Director – One Star
  • Director – Two Stars
  • Director – Three Stars
  • Director – Four Stars
  • Director – Five Stars

Movingup the ranks is obviously all about recruiting and more ITA’s. The better you are at recruiting, the more ITA’s you will recruit in, and the higher up the ranks you will go.

Theseare the basics of thecompensation plan.

In a Nutshell

I know that this can be confusing so I just want to go over things again here real quick to maybe clear a few things up.

Thepartnership thatPlanNet Marketing and InteleTravelhave together is what makes things confusing and I don’t see anyone really addressing this.

Ina nutshell, IntelleTravel is the real business opportunity here. They are whatgive you the ability to become a home-based travel agent and make money with this all.PlanNet Marketing is basically just a MLM marketing business that promotes the ITA opportunity.

Correctme if I am wrong, but this is how I best understand it.

Good Opportunity?… Not As Good As It Seems

Mightsound like a pretty good opportunity, right? Not so fast… Take a look at the income disclosurefrom their official website, which they are forced to makeviewable to the public…

Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam? – What You Should Know Beforehand! (2)

Asyou can see, over 97% of all independent representatives (travel agents)made an average of $69.95 for the entire year of 2017. Only 1.81% of all independent representatives made the rank of Gold Builder.

So what is the reason for this? Why does it seem that most people fail to make good money?

Well the reason is because the this is just the way MLM businesses are. I review MLM businesses all the time, Monat Global, Optavia, etc,and this is a commonality with all of them. Most people fail and they have extremely high turnover rates.

The reason for this is they are pyramid -like structure where money flows up the pyramidin the form of commissions, matching bonuses, etc., and this benefits those at the top while those at the bottom find it more difficult to make money. And of course… With a pyramid -like structure there are always many more people at the bottom than at the top.

Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramidschemes are classified by the FTC as businesses that rely too much on recruitment of new representatives rather than sales to the general public. So does thisPlanNet Marketing businessrely too much on recruitment of new travel agents?

I think so… That is pretty much all they do. There is almost no focus on selling travel deals to the general public, or at least very little. Because of this I think that the government could potentially step in and make this business change their operations. It is not like this hasn’t happened before.

Final Thoughts – Scam?

Pyramid scheme??This is still open to debate but when it comes to the question of whether or not this is a good opportunity, the statistics say it all. As I went over above, the large majority of people fail in this business and for good reason… The MLM structure ensures that most people are going to fail, which is why I avoid MLM’s and don’t normally recommend them to other people.

If you are someone who thinks you have the ability to recruit people and continuously, left and right, then this might be something you could potentially excel at, but for most people it is probably not a good choice. But anyways… Join if you want to. I am certainly not stopping you.

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Questions or comments? Please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam? – What You Should Know Beforehand! (3)

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Is PlanNet marketing worth it? ›

PlanNet marketing is a great way to make money from home. It allows for you to have flexible hours and to build a lot of network. There are great teams that you may become apart of that help guide you through the way. Was this review helpful?

Is InteleTravel a pyramid scheme? ›

InteleTravel has refuted fresh accusations that it is operating as a pyramid scheme after a reality TV personality who signed up to the home working group announced plans to recruit agents.

How much does it cost to join PlanNet marketing? ›

PlanNet Marketing offers the Rep opportunity for the initial purchase of $19.95 and a recurring monthly fee of $19.95, which includes your personal online Rep Virtual Office, with all of the tools and support you need to manage your successful business.

How do I quit marketing on PlanNet? ›

All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing via email to If a Rep requests a refund, any bonuses and commissions previously paid to that Rep will be deducted from the refunded amount. Any refund requested must be submitted within 30 days of cancellation.

Can you make money with PlanNet marketing? ›

PlanNet marketing is a great way to make money from home. It allows for you to have flexible hours and to build a lot of network. There are great teams that you may become apart of that help guide you through the way.

Can you make money with InteleTravel? ›

In short, you earn commissions* with InteleTravel by selling travel! There're several different ways to book travel and none of them affect how you're paid – you'll still earn a full commission no matter which method is used.

Is becoming a home-based travel agent a good idea? ›

Becoming a travel agent from home is a dream job for many people, and for good reason. Travel agents get the benefit of working from home and setting their own schedules, and they get to enjoy the incredible perks of travel and flight benefits that come along with the industry.

Is it worth it to use a travel agent? ›

Travel agents are useful if you're doing a very costly or complex trip, planning a honeymoon or something fancy, or traveling with a large group. They have access to a number of deals and bulk buying options we DIY solo consumers don't, especially when it comes to tours, high-end flights, and cruises.

What is the most famous pyramid scheme? ›

Bernie Madoff: The most famous Ponzi scheme in recent history—and the single largest fraud of investors in the United States—was orchestrated for more than a decade by Bernard Madoff, who defrauded investors in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.

Who owns PlanNet marketing? ›

The Founder of PlanNet Marketing

PlanNet Marketing was founded by Donald Bradley in October of 2015. He has been in marketing, sales and distribution for over two decades. He is well documented in this industry and has a true passion for helping average people make above average income.

How do I cancel my InteleTravel account? ›

Just write a request within a month of your one-year enrollment anniversary and ask for a refund. We will calcuate what you made and refund the money you didn't earn back.

How long has InteleTravel been in business? ›

Celebrating 30 years of travel

This is why InteleTravel, the original at-home travel and host agency, was established in 1991. InteleTravel's founder, Joseph R. Traina, aimed to create a new model of selling where anyone could sell travel remotely on their own time and from their own home.

How can I sell my MLM without being annoying? ›

6 Tips to Help You Make Sales Without Being Annoying
  1. Answer Real Questions That Users Have. ...
  2. Find the Right Posting Frequency for Your Content. ...
  3. Create Conversations With Users. ...
  4. Make Sure Your Content Has Value. ...
  5. Include a CTA Near the Bottom of Your Content. ...
  6. Satisfy User Needs Whenever Possible.
Nov 27, 2018

Who is the director in training for PlanNet Marketing? ›

Lori Susan Williams - Director in Training - PlanNet Marketing | LinkedIn.

Which MLM is the most profitable? ›

Which Is the Top-Rated Network Marketing Company?
  • Amway: $8.8 billion in annual revenue and a company net worth of $4 billion.
  • Jeunesse: $8 billion in annual revenue and an average company growth rate of 17% each year.
  • Natura Cosmetics: $7.77 billion in annual revenue and a company net worth of $5.7 billion.
Oct 13, 2022

Does anyone make money from MLM? ›

Only a few people at the very top of the 'pyramid' will make money. An MLM might have a similar pyramid structure, however, a legitimate MLM will sell an actual product and it should be possible to make some money (although not necessarily much) without having to recruit others to the MLM.

How do MLM owners make money? ›

“MLM distributors earn money from selling products to people they know, commissions from each person they recruit to the company and commissions from the sales and recruits generated from their own recruits, continuing down multiple levels,” says Christine Alemany, CEO of TBGA, a branding and marketing support agency.

How much does it cost to start with InteleTravel? ›

Start earning today

There's a $179.99 one-time enrollment fee to become a certified travel Advisor. Then it's only $39.95 a month for unlimited support and service. There are no hidden fees.

Is it cheaper to book a vacation through a travel agent? ›

It is cost effective and time-saving

If you were thinking why use a travel agent instead of booking online, it's because booking with travel agents will be a lot cheaper than booking online. Travel agents can help you avail airline discounts, codes, and coupons which would ordinarily be inaccessible to you.

How do free travel agents make money? ›

12 Ways Travel Agents Make Money
  1. Service Fees. A travel agent makes money by charging fees for separate elements of travel. ...
  2. Cruise Incentives. ...
  3. Commissions. ...
  4. Travel Insurance. ...
  5. Car Rental. ...
  6. Airline Tickets. ...
  7. Tours. ...
  8. Premium Listings.
Dec 20, 2021

What are the cons of being a travel agent? ›

There are several pros and cons related to being a travel agent; pros include job variety and earning potential, while cons include job security and demanding hours.

Is it hard to get clients as a travel agent? ›

It sounds straightforward, but acquiring more travel agent leads can be a tricky task, especially since today's online booking websites make it easy for potential clients to curate adventures for themselves.

Can you live off being a travel agent? ›

A travel agent's salary can range from around $24,000 to $60,000 a year. That's not including the bonuses and commissions that many agents earn. So in that, combined with the fact that you can work in the travel industry and from wherever you'd like, it can be quite worth it.

Is it better to book flights directly with airline or travel agent? ›

When it comes down to it, booking directly through the airline is almost always more convenient. If the price changes after you buy your ticket, many airlines will get you the difference back. Southwest, for example, refunds the difference directly to you or applies it as credit towards future airfare.

Which travel company is best? ›

The 7 Best Tour Companies for 2023
  • Best Overall: Classic Journeys.
  • Best for Exclusive Perks: Prior.
  • Best for Eco- and Socially-conscious: G Adventures.
  • Best Budget: Intrepid Travel.
  • Best for Foodies: Salt & Wind Travel.
  • Best for Offbeat Travel: Atlas Obscura Trips.
  • Best Cruise: Linblad Expeditions.
Oct 17, 2022

Is a travel agent worth it 2022? ›

As we enter 2022, it's still just as crucial to use a travel advisor for booking your vacation. Agents get the latest news in all things travel delivered right to their inbox, and they have the most important websites bookmarked and ready access when you call in to start planning.

What was the worst pyramid scheme? ›

In 1986 the Dai-ichi Sōgo Keizai Kenkyūsho declared bankruptcy, leaving debts amounting to 189,600,000,000 yen. It has been called "the biggest pyramid scheme in history."

Why you shouldn't join a pyramid scheme? ›

Pyramid schemes are not only illegal; they are a waste of money and time. Because pyramid schemes rely on recruitment of new members to bring in money, the schemes often collapse when the pool of potential recruits dries up (market saturation).

Who is the greatest scammer of all time? ›

No description of the biggest frauds in history would be complete without mention of the infamous Ponzi scheme. Charles Ponzi was arrested almost a century to the day, finally earning his comeuppance on August 12, 1920. He earned a whole lot more before that through his fraud.

How many agents are with InteleTravel? ›

InteleTravel is the world's oldest and largest travel host agency with a growing network of more than 60,000 independent home-based advisors across the U.S., U.K., Caribbean, and Mexico.

How many InteleTravel agents are there? ›

About InteleTravel

InteleTravel is the world's oldest and largest host travel agency with a growing network of more than 70,000 independent home-based advisors across the U.S., U.K., Caribbean, and Mexico.

Who is the CEO of InteleTravel? ›

James Ferrara is co-founder and president of InteleTravel, the oldest and largest host travel agency in the world with more than 70,000 independent travel advisors in the U.S., U.K., Mexico, and Caribbean.

Who owns InteleTravel? ›

A wholly owned subsidiary of Lazard Freres & Co.

Does InteleTravel have an app? ›

Listen to our new show each and every week! With this app you are always connected to the latest episodes and the show. Quickly star episodes and save them to a list so you can easily enjoy them over and over! This app has a Car mode too!

What is InteleTravel phone number? ›

Call 1-800-873-5353.

What is the oldest travel company? ›

In 1887, Walter T. Brownell established Brownell Travel, the first travel agency in the United States, and led 10 travelers on a European tour setting sail from New York on the SS Devonia.

What kind of company is InteleTravel? ›

InteleTravel is a home business that allows you to become an independent travel agent, selling and booking travel to anyone and everyone.

Is InteleTravel ABTA protected? ›

US homeworking group InteleTravel has been granted membership of Abta. InteleTravel gives recruits, who are not required to have travel industry experience, the chance to be agents “full-time, part-time or as a hobby”.

Can you make a living off MLM? ›

Most people who join legitimate MLMs make little or no money. Some of them lose money. In some cases, people believe they've joined a legitimate MLM, but it turns out to be an illegal pyramid scheme that steals everything they invest and leaves them deeply in debt.

How do you say no thanks in MLM? ›

“You could be completely honest and say how much you appreciate their friendship but you aren't interested in the product,” she said. “It's important to be as clear upfront as possible, so that you don't leave the person thinking you will be interested at some time.”

How do you not sound desperate when selling? ›

The greater the desperation, the more leads seem to be able to smell it, too.
Avoid desperate sales moves and do these things instead
  1. Get your mind right. ...
  2. Stop pitching and start asking questions. ...
  3. Turn to social media. ...
  4. Be everywhere. ...
  5. Follow up, follow up, follow up, then follow up some more.
Oct 17, 2019

How much do vestige star directors make? ›

What is the salary of Director at Vestige ? Average Vestige Director salary in India is ₹ 1.6 Lakhs for experience between 1 years to 5 years. Director salary at Vestige India ranges between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 3.3 Lakhs.

Who is Don Bradley PlanNet marketing? ›

Don Bradley

Donald D. Bradley has over two decades of “in the trenches” experience in marketing, sales and product distribution. He has achieved top ranking positions in the network marketing industry, being numbered among millionaire earners for the past 15 years, while helping others reach their financial goals.

How to become a travel agent? ›

Formal Training Needed to Become a Travel Agent

Certificates of tourism can be very helpful, but so can previous training in marketing, hospitality, or even event planning. Ultimately, your knowledge of destinations, sales, itinerary planning, and booking software will be crucial for your career as a travel agent.

What do you think is the difference between multi level marketing and pyramid scheme? ›

Pyramid Schemes are, however, fraudulent schemes, disguised as an MLM strategy. The difference between a pyramid scheme and a lawful MLM program is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme. Participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program.

Who is the owner manager of InteleTravel? ›

James Ferrara - President - | LinkedIn.

Who is the owner of Planet Marketing? ›

Jason Friedman - Owner - Planet Marketing, Inc.

Who is Don Bradley? ›

Don Bradley is an author and independent historian specializing in the beginnings of the Latter-day Saint Restoration.

Who is the vice president of PlanNet Marketing? ›

Amanda Restivo - Vice President Compliance - PlanNet Marketing | LinkedIn.

Is it hard to make money as a travel agent? ›

How much money do travel agents make? This comes down to certain factors such as the type of clients, level of expertise and the ability to offer specialized services. According to Indeed, the average salary of a travel agent in the US is $49,608 but there are many making up to six-figure incomes.

Is it hard to be a travel agent? ›

Is Being a Travel Agent Hard? There is a lot to learn at first, but once you go through the training process things become a lot easier over time. One of the greatest rewards is bringing joy to people by helping them create lifelong memories via travel. Plus, you have the flexibility to create your own schedule.

Why is multi-level marketing Illegal? ›

If the opportunity for income is primarily derived by recruiting more participants or salespersons rather than by selling a product, the plan probably is illegal. Several courts interpret greater pressure on members to sponsor new recruits than to market company merchandise as evidence of an illegal pyramid.

Why should you be careful before joining a multi-level marketing business? ›

One of the most significant risks of joining an MLM business is that a new recruit will not realize profits and may actually lose money. According to a survey of MLM participants conducted by AARP, only 25 percent of respondents reported making a profit. About the same percentage said they made no money or broke even.

How long has InteleTravel been around? ›

Celebrating 30 years of travel

This is why InteleTravel, the original at-home travel and host agency, was established in 1991. InteleTravel's founder, Joseph R. Traina, aimed to create a new model of selling where anyone could sell travel remotely on their own time and from their own home.


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