17 Things To Do In Naples On A Rainy Day (2023)

By Best Adventure Spots/ June 17, 2021

It seems like it rains almost every day in Naples, and when it does, it can be fairly monotonous. This is why we’ve compiled a list of activities to do in Naples when it rains. Our to-do list includes a mix of activities to do in town and at home.

Although rainy days can interrupt your plans for a nice beach day, make it difficult to throw a football around with friends, and/or make it tough to go out fishing. There are still plenty of places around town that you can have fun indoors and if you aren’t looking to go out, we also have a few ideas for those looking to stay home.

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  1. Great Options For Things To Do Around Town While It's Raining
  2. Options For Those Looking To Stay At Home During The Rain Storm

While here check out some of our Date Night Ideas. They are jam-packed with great dining options, active fun activities, and relaxing fun activities!

Great Options For Things To Do Around Town While It’s Raining

Shoot Some Billiards

Shooting pool or billiards is a fun way to pass the time in the evening Whether you have a table at home or need to go out and play at a local pool hall or bar. Billiards does not need a lot of activity, but it does necessitate some expertise. It’s a fantastic pastime to do with a group of pals. Check out the local spots with pool tables!

Bring Your Golfing Game Indoors

The outdoor golf courses may be too wet to play on, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a round of golf. That’s right, bring your golf game inside and play a virtual round of golf with the gang. Par Fit by Athletica here in Naples can help you bring your golf game indoors, click here to learn more and book a tee time!

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Let’s Throw Some Darts

Spend some time throwing darts. Invite some friends over or play against your family if you have a set at home. If you don’t have a set at home, don’t worry; there are lots of locations in Napleswhere you can play darts. Either an electronic dart set or a steel tip dart set can be found at many pubs and restaurants. Find your dart spot!

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Challenge Yourself At An Arcade

Whether you’re an adult seeking to pass the time and have some fun, or a parent seeking to get their children out of the home for a while, there’s something for everyone. Arcades are a fantastic way to pass the time in Naples, regardless of the weather. They give hours of fun outside the house, keeping you or your children active. Check out some options!

Go Wine Tasting

Sipping wine while listening to the lightspatter of overhead rain on theroof may create the tone for a very soothing experience. This wine tasting can be done at home, where a host selects a range of wines and cheeses for guests to sample, or you may go out and purchase a flight of wine from a nearby establishment. Explore your local wine tasting options!

Try A New Restaurant

We’ve all been in that scenario where the weather makes you feel so relaxed that you don’t want to cook. So, why don’t you try something new at one of the town’s restaurants? Alternatively, why not venture out and try something a little different? As always, you may take advantage of our fantastic eating options in Naples.

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Have A Spa Day

Because of all the rain outside, you’re already comfortable and calm. So, why not treat yourself to a spa day? Pamper yourself at home with a face mask and soothing music, or go out to a new spa. In any case, take advantage of the soothing sounds of rain and treat yourself.

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Go On A Brewery Tour

Nothing beats lounging in a brewery, sampling the local beer, and playing games on a wet day. Visitors may play bar games,board games, or video games at almost every brewery in town as they enjoy a flight of excellent beer. We have a lot of excellent breweries to select from in Naples, each with its own distinct flavor. Explore your local brewery options!

Sip & Paint

Sipping and painting is a fun and soothing pastime that may be done at home or in a studio. With a drink of whatever gets your creative juices flowing, try your hand at painting. This is a fun group activity to do while it’s raining outdoors, and it’s also a wonderful way to socialize. Find a sip and paint shop here in Naples!

Time To Go Bowling

Take a trip to the bowling alley with your friends, family, or significant other. The sound of bowling balls hitting pins is similar to thunder, and the thunderous collisions of pins are similar to rain. As a result, an otherwise uninteresting day is transformed into a fantastic environment full of energy and enthusiasm. Check out the local bowling alleys!

Go To The Movie Theatre

Going to the cinema is usually a good choice when it rains in Naples. With the weather being so bad outdoors, it’s good to get out and watch some of the new releases. Explore your movie theatre options!

Sing Karaoke

Warm up your vocal cords by going to karaoke at your neighborhood pub. So gather your buddies, locate a suitable location, and begin singing!

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Options For Those Looking To Stay At Home During The Rain Storm

Play Video Games At Home

It’s always good to take some time to go online and play games with your friends. This is also a fantastic way to spend time as a family, especially if you can discover a video game that everyone can enjoy.

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Read A Book

Finally a time where no one is going to bother you with plans and things to do. So open up that book you have been dying to read and enjoy!

Play Board Games

It’s time to get out the board games and spend some quality time with family or friends. Battle it out in a game of wits or a game of chance; either way, it’s a fantastic way to create lasting memories. Check out the best board games!

Play Card Games

Crank out the old deck of cards and get to playing! Or bring out one of the newer card games like Cards Against Humanity (For Adults) or Apples To Apples (Kid Friendly).

Have A Movie Marathon

Your movie marathon might be a collection of films from the same genre or a franchise like Star Wars or Harry Potter. So get your popcorn and a blanket ready for a movie marathon.

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